A Letter to Our St. Joseph Manor Family

From Jim Keane, President
April 29, 2020

The news reports are dominated by COVID-19 stories, many of them centering on the impact the virus has had on skilled nursing facilities.  The City of Brockton has experienced significant community spread and the toll on families has been heartbreaking.

At St. Joseph Manor, we have been diligent in our infection prevention measures as outlined by CDC, CMS, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  Despite these efforts, the loss of 24 residents and the impact this has had on their families and our staff has been, quite simply, tragic.

Today, I’d like to share some good news.  We have several residents who tested positive for COVID-19 who have been asymptomatic for several weeks.  Some of these residents never had an illness or experienced only mild to moderate symptoms.  According to the Department of Public Health, these residents are now considered recovered, and most importantly, are feeling better.

Please realize that we do not intend to change our protocols at this time.  We firmly believe it is better to proceed with great caution as we move to more normal in-house operations.  This process is likely to take time and our greatest priority is the safety of our residents and staff.  Our screening and no visitation policies remain in place and we are continuing to curtail group activities.

Please join me in thanking our staff for their unrelenting efforts on behalf of every resident, and please accept my personal thanks for your support.

Read more about our COVID-19 response here

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