St. Joseph Manor Is Wonderful!

To all of the WONDERFUL people at St. Joe’s:
I just want to thank all of the staff at St. Joseph’s for the caring, loving and helpful care given to my mom.  You all have been so kind and thoughtful with her as well as with us, her family.  You ALL are a special breed of people, and have made her life there for the past year and a half love-filled and wonderful.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.  There aren’t enough words to say that could express my deep felt gratitude.  You are truly a Blessed Gift!
Applewood Staff,
I would like to take this time to express our gratitude for the care and compassion that my mother-in-law received while she was a resident at your facility. It meant a lot to our family that show as very happy there and she loved the staff. The day of her passing you all were so kind and wonderful. It’s a day we won’t forget and again Thank You All. Much appreciation to all of you.
Thank you to all the staff, etc., for making our Mother so happy while she was there. She made so many new friends and was happy. We didn’t have to worry about her. We know she was loved and being cared for. From the bottom of our hearts-a huge thank you.
Although my Aunt wasn’t at St. Joseph’s very long, you all made her feel welcome and at home. It was a long process finally getting her here from out of state and we wish she could have been with us longer, but we are grateful to God to have spend her last days with her.
Along the way, we met many people who did their best to encourage her. They spend time talking with her. Working with her to build her strength, and just making her as comfortable as possible.
When she died you were all so kind to my mother and me. Thank you for the beautiful card with everyone’s signature. It really meant a lot to us.
Thank you for all of your kindness through my aunt’s stay at St. Joseph Manor. You were very sweet to check in on her and we loved the prayer shawl, which her granddaughter has now. Mom and I are also so grateful for your care and attention after my Aunt’s death.
Thanks so much Debbie for your help and kindness to my aunt and family over this last month. It was comforting to know that a nurse or two was with her at the moment she passed …she wasn’t alone.
The compassion and care that St. Joseph Manor gives is amazing. We’re blessed that she spent her last days, although brief, there.
Much love
Thank you for all the help you gave me during the post several years. Please let everyone know how much we appreciated all that was done for my sister. She was happy there, and it was because of everyone in all departments. The staff at St. Joseph’s is a very caring one. God Bless you all. Remember my sister in your prayers, we will remember all of you.
Again thanks
Just a note to say a special thank you to all of you for taking such good care of my mother while she was in rehab there. Everyone treated all of us so specially.

Your kindness and care is deeply appreciated by all of our family. She is doing really good at this time, thanks to your great staff.

Just a short note to say “thank-you” and like I said before you treated me like a person-not a patient. You made getting well fun. Something that was not like the other rehabs.

I will miss you all, but I don’t want to see you again. HA HA!

Stay the way you all are, and you will go places.


There are so many people who have taken part in caring for our father that a mere “thank you” doesn’t begin to cover it. We want to express our deepest gratitude for your care, effort, ministry, and love for our father.

There are so many fond memories even working through difficult health situations; your willingness to work, for some, above and beyond will always hold a special place in our hearts. So many friends and special people!

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for assisting us in maintaining dad’s care, quality of life and dignity. We are eternal grateful.

For the past 5 years St. Joseph Manor has been Charlottes’ home away from home. I know she was very comfortable there and well taken care of.

The people who work at St. Joseph are very special, from Linda at the reception desk to the people who maintain its environment – how nice and clean the hallways and rooms are kept at all times.

I must give a special thanks to Pam who tended to Charlotte, how she kept her well dressed and clean, fixed her hair and saw to her many needs and the nurses who always greeted me with information about how Charlotte was doing. I also enjoyed having lunch with Charlotte and talking with some of the other residents and appreciated those who served the meals and who gave me that extra cup of coffee.

Of course there was Margaret who did – well – everything. I’ll miss the family meetings with Anne DeMinico with all the updates at the Manor and interesting speakers and of course Dave’s wonderful food. And I can’t forget Diana who made sure there was a Jewish Star over the door in the dining room.

There was no one who cared more for the residents than Rhonda Kourafas. Rhonda took every concern of mine very seriously and acted on them in due time. I will always remember how thoughtful and concerned she was of my welfare when I sat in her office that last day.

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful care given to Charlotte.

Words can not express how deeply grateful my family and I are to all of you – for taking such wonderful care of my dad. You went beyond just a job – your love and compassion showed in how you treated Bill – Mr. Coffee & Donuts man. You were his family there while we could not. You hurt and grieved the day he passed an I extend my love and sympathy to you all, all of you. You felt the pain as deeply as we did – that party of your job has to be very difficult. My prayers are with you that God strengthens and comforts you. YOu were all truly a Blessing to my family and I. You will not be forgotten.

Love & Prayers

Thank you all for your sincere caring or our mother during her short stay with you. I especially want to thank Tasha, and aid on Maria II. Tasha took the time to encourage my mother to eat with the utmost caring and love deep within herself. And encouraged my mother to give us a smile before we left that night. I will always be grateful to Tasha for that special smile our mother gave us and this will always be with us because of Tasha. And I want to mention Colleen as well. She too displayed an enormous amount of caring for our mother as well as all the nurses and staff.
I can’t tell you how thankful I am at the excellent care, love, kindness and patience you had with my dear, holy and Saintly friend. Mass, Communion, Rosary and deep love she had for Jesus and Mary. Thank you again. God bless you all.

Comment from a resident on the Resident & Family Satisfaction Survey, June 2009:

All I can say everything was perfect. If I get where I cannot function, this place is the place next to heaven. I was proud to be a patient.

I am writing to you regarding my short term stay at St. Joseph Manor from mid-October through the beginning of November 2008. I was a resident on the Maria 2 unit and wanted to commend Angie Ortiz, R.N., for the manner in which she cared for me during my stay. Shortly after I was admitted a team meeting took place where I met Angie and her friendly and comforting manner impressed me very much. I asked if she would be my nurse and she told me that she was the nurse leader but she would visit with me each day to see how I was doing and take care of any problems that I might have. She proved true to her promise and did her job to the highest standards. Her patient/nurse relationship is excellent and I just wanted to complement her and let St. Joseph Manor know that you are very lucky to have her on your staff.
Please extend my gratitude and thanks to your entire staff for the wonderful care they gave my mother. She loved St. Joseph’s and the “girls” and was very content and happy to be there.

She was showered with love and kindness and I am most grateful, as it is difficult to entrust a loved one to someone else’s care.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for all you’ve done over the course of the last 3 years to help me and to look over the care of my mother. I am so grateful to all of you at St. Joseph’s for the wonderful care she received. I am also very grateful for the support you gave me. I miss my mother terribly but I know she’s in a better place. Thank God, He helped me find St. Joseph ‘s to help my mom. God bless you all for what you do to help these beautiful old people at the end of their lives.

Thank you.

I wanted to express to you and all the members of your “greeting” team my sincere appreciation for all you do to help the family members as we visit our loved ones. I know that I was always greeted warmly. I have always believed that the people who greet the public first have to be very special people. They are the window to the organization. I know from the start what a wonderful place St. Joseph’s was. Thank you for your special caring at the end of my mother’s life. God Bless you and all for the special care you give.

Thank you.

I’m writing to thank you and all the staff at St. Joseph Manor for the great care everyone gave my grandmother during her stay at Saint Joseph Manor.

My grandmother was a resident of Maria II for almost a year until she passed away this May. And during her entire stay she was treated by all the St. Joseph Manor staff with great care, patience, cheer and comfort. My grandmother missed her home but over time, I was so thankful to witness her become comfortable and content, physically but also emotionally and spiritually, at St. Joseph Manor. That was greatly due to the care and spirit of the St. Joseph Manor staff.

Likewise, as my grandmother’s health care proxy I had many opportunities to interact with the St. Joseph Manor staff from Social Services to Accounting to Maintenance, as well as the Maria II nursing staff. And from the admitting process through her entire stay, everyone was a genuine pleasure to see. Net, I was always at peace that my grandmother was receiving the best care available. That peace of mind always let me focus my attention on visiting with my grandmother and sharing time with her.

I hesitate to praise any individuals by name and risk lessening anyone else’s efforts. I don’t want to do that because I can look at each staff member and think of things each did to make my grandmother happy. But I did rely heavily on certain people and as such wish to make you aware of how much they helped me. In particular:

From the admittance experience through anything else administrative, Laura Brolin always made my experience easy, which I greatly appreciated. She always either had the answers, or was quick to find the answers.

Accounting’s David Rosenberg and David Coombs always made it easy to take care of all financial matters and were quick to answer any questions and did so with ease and a smile.

Sister Angela was always a welcome sight, be it at Care Plan meetings or simply seeing her in the hallway.

From the Maria II station, Judy Silva and Kristi Murray always answered my unending questions, but just as importantly always proactively made me aware of anything related to my grandmother’s circumstances. Because of the care and competence they showed, it always set the tone for me that my grandmother was in good hands with the staff
of Maria II.

I’m also writing this note to make a small donation in my grandmother’s name, in hopes it can help others have the same quality of experience she had at St. Joseph Manor.

Again, my sincere thanks and admiration for all each person did in providing my grandmother such good care, and to make it possible for her to live the final year of her life in the comfortable and content manner in which she did.

Best Regards.

Our family thanks each and every staff member, pastoral staff, residents and family members who cared for, counseled, guided and loved our mom.

You have a wonderful caring environment and you made our mom feel like it was truly her home.

We cannot thank you enough. You will always be friends.

God Bless Always.

Thank you so much for the care and kindness you provided my grandmother.

Each of you did many things that made my grandmother comfortable and brought happiness into each day she was with you.

In addition, it was the way you each cared for her that allowed her to do as well with you as she did. I know how clean everything was, to all the kindness you showed her, to how taking a little extra time with her when performing some duty turned your duty into a little visit in my grandmother’s eyes, these are all the things that registered with her and made her do so well under your care.

As well, thank you for all the kindness and care each of you always showed me. You made it possible for me to focus on spending time with my grandmother, instead of worrying about any aspect of her care. It meant a great deal to me.

Again, thank you very much.

Words cannot express my feelings of gratitude for all you did for my mother. From her first days three years ago, to the moment of her death she was loved, and cared for by so many of you.

I will think of all of you often.

Thank you.

We wish to thank everyone for the loving care given to our Mother. Not for the everyday chores you all perform so well, but for the extra miles you all go. From the front desk where they go beyond saying Good morning, to always asking, how Mom is doing today. To the kitchen where they went out of their way to remember all her idiosyncrasies like sour cream on her oatmeal. And of course they never forgot her hot chocolate, or the family in the final hours, always making sure we had coffee and pastries to get us through the long hours. To the maintenance man who in his busy day, took time to fill her bird feeder because she took such pleasure in watching the birds out her window. (Above and beyond daily duties). Or the laundry room staff that would search forever to find a missing piece of clothing, and would always succeed. The activity directors who would encourage her to join in the activities and social events, even though there were times it would have been easier for her to say no and just sit alone. The cleaning staff who always had to work around our family members and never complained, but just smiled and told us not to worry. Her hairdresser who always made her feel beautiful and lifted her spirits because we know no matter the age a woman always needs to feel pretty. The Pastoral staffs, Father (TaDa) Joe and Donna, were a comfort not only to her but also the entire family. Next, the volunteers who give of themselves and their time to bake cakes, teach the patients to make candy at Easter or play Bingo and play Trivia.

Last but not least, the nursing and C.N.A. staff. Where do we begin? The gentle, tender care given on a daily basis or the patience on a difficult day of which there are many, are just part of the job. But, when the patient is depressed and a trio comes in singing a song to cheer her up that goes beyond job description. Dressing her is part of the daily duties, but making sure her clothes match and adding the extras like earrings or a necklace to make them feel like human beings, like women, well you can’t put a price on the smile that fills their face. Or when an aide who has already worked a double shift stays just a little longer to spoon feed her broth because she’s not taking in enough liquid, that goes beyond.

We cannot tell you the peace we feel having placed our Mother’s care in your hands and now in the hands of God. We will never forget how you enveloped her heart and the hearts of the entire family. Thank you all each and everyone.

I have been meaning to write to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My mother had a stroke 3 years ago, after being at Brockton Hospital for few months it was decided that even though she was doing better she was not ready and good enough to take her home with us, she needed physical therapy so she could be able to walk by herself without help she was very reluctant to go she always thought that nursing homes were only places were people that don’t have relatives go to leave, we assured her it was not like that and convinced her that her stay would be only temporary until she got her strength back and could do things like she did before, at 86 and never been separated from my father, myself and my kids it was a difficult transition for all of us especially for her, I remember we used to go every day to see her, I will leave my father (all the nurses called him papa) in the morning on my way to work and he would stay all day with her (everyone got to know my father very well they say it was so cute seeing him stay with her all day and they used to bring him a sandwich or coffee sometimes).

Well, what we thought it was going to be few weeks it turned to be months she was diagnosed with congested heart failure and her health deteriorated rapidly, but by spending so much time there with her every day we developed a special bond with everyone on her floor and we witnessed how they well they cared and attended her every day with such compassion and loving care, from the nurses aids to the LPN’s, everyone treated her so nice, when we went home every day, we knew and were confident that she would be well-cared for, when she became very ill the social workers met with my husband my sister and I and explained what hospice was and they assured she will be comfortable without pain we cried and cried but decided that that would be the best thing for her, they helped us with arrangements for services for when the time came, and honestly without their help, understanding and caring ways we would not have been able to cope with all that was happening, they even let me stay with her in her room the last 2 nights of her life and was able to be with her until she peacefully passed.

I want to thank you and all the staff on behalf of my family and our beautiful loving “mama” we will never ever forget what St. Joseph Manor did for her.

God Bless you all and Happy Holidays.

Two years ago our lives changed dramatically. Our Mom fell and broke her hip. When told that she would have to undergo therapy before returning to her home, we chose St. Joseph Manor.

What started out as a short-term stay for rehab became her home. Although her hip healed fine, she developed other medical issues that prevented her from returning to her own home or even to reside with us.

Very reluctantly and slowly she came to grips with the idea that this would be a permanent move for a fiercely independent woman, 88 years of age, who, until the fall lived alone and took care of herself and her home. At first she wouldn’t participate in any activity that would make it appear that she was accepting this life-altering change. But, thanks to the perseverance, prodding, insistence, whatever you want to call it, of the staff she finally settled in. It would seem that her new family at St. Joseph Manor proved to be a bit more stubborn than she.

As the days turned into months and eventually into almost two years, Mom and her family developed some very special and long lasting friendships. When we would come back from her Wednesday trips to Brockton Hospital for infusion therapy or from a long day at a family function with her precious great grandchildren, she would reach her room and say “Home Sweet Home”. There is no place like your own home, but St. Joseph Manor is the next best thing.

We always left her after a visit with a kiss goodbye and confidence that she would be well-cared for (even that last night). That peace of mind was priceless.

We wanted to give special thanks to those who gave so much of themselves to bring her to that point and cared so lovingly for her and us but it would make this letter far too long (more like a book) and emotional for us. So, in the hopes that you all will know who you are, we want you to know how grateful we are for the way you accepted and cared for her.

There are so many memories of special words, deeds, touches, hugs, laughter and tears that we will hold deeply in our hearts and treasure always.

Our deepest gratitude to you all for the caring, kind manner in which we were treated that last day. We are so thankful Mom was able to spend her last earthly hours in her own room and have the opportunity to be wrapped in the love that is St. Joseph Manor.

God Bless All of You

My family and I can’t thank-you enough for everything that you have done for our Nana. Your compassion for your patients is greatly appreciated, not only by us, but I am sure by all of the other family members that have loved ones who reside at Saint Joseph’s Manor. You are great at what you do, and if we didn’t have you to assist us with everything involving nana, I am not sure where we would be. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank-you.

Every year after the Mass at the Chapel for all the deceased patients of St. Joseph's, I mean to write a note to thank the staff for the beautiful service and delightful reception. It has been eight years since my mother was a patient in St. Joseph's Health Care. Our family has not missed a Mass in the eight years. Each year the employees have come up with a new way to remember the deceased and each year they have done a magnificent job.

Please pass on this information to the staff at St. Joseph's Manor so they realize how much their time and effort is appreciated by all who attend.

I hope all of you have very Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year. I look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

I am writing this letter to express my own, and my families, appreciation to the staff of St. Joseph's Manor for the care of my mother, and for the many expressions of kindness and understanding that she received while in your care.

Without exception, every member of the staff, and the religious order, showed an understanding of her needs and attended to her at all times.

I cannot name each one, but I must let you know that head nurse Toni Herron went out of her way many times to be sure we knew what was happening and by doing so she was a tremendous help to us.

Thank you for everything.

My grandmother is a resident at your facility. We would all like to thank you for having our family attend your facility for a wonderful Thanksgiving luncheon. The meal was terrific and we all enjoyed ourselves.

We also appreciate the care you give you our grandmother.

Thanks again!

The enclosed check is a donation to your Wish List, made with deep gratitude for the wonderful care you have my cousin… A few weeks ago, I had a chance to visit her at St. Joseph’s and I was very impressed with everything I saw.

Thank you for making her last days as safe and pain-free as possible.

Good bless all of you!

My Mum is a resident of St. Joseph’s Home since 2004. It was with great sadness that my husband and I had to put her into St. Joseph’s. It has been a very difficult transition for us. My Mum has become a compulsive packer and always looking to come home – always tears when we leave. The staff at St. Joseph’s have been wonderful to my Mum, husband and I – nothing is a bother to them. Yesterday was the first day since March that I had complete peace with my Mum…It was Mother’s Day and because of all the staff, especially Mike Hammerle, every female resident was treated like a queen at The Tea Party. Mike has a way of making every resident special. My husband and I watched him during The Tea Party – he was getting everyone involved, even those who had a difficult time moving about. Not only does he take an interest in everyone, he does it with such compassion and love that I am so grateful to him – he danced with my Mum and that was worth a million dollars. So, if you can, please let all the staff know what a great job they did yesterday, especially Mike Hammerle.

P.S. The Kitchen Staff did an outstanding job with all the goodies.

Received your card and prayers and thank you very much for your thoughtfulness. Also please accept my very sincere Thanks to everyone at St. Joseph’s, for the great great care and comfort, and friendship extended by all to my Aunt. She loved everyone and was happy to be a resident there.
A year ago we placed in your hands the most precious, most important person in our lives. Our mother. It was the most difficult decision we have ever made. It was hard to believe anyone, other than her loving family, could possibly give her the same gentle, loving care we thought we could. How wrong we were!

We cannot thank you all enough for the excellent care our Mom has received from all of you. But it goes beyond just the medical care she has been given. (Which has been superb), we are so grateful for the true concern you have all shown her. Human kindness and gentleness and dignity are sometimes difficult to find in today’s world, but the staff at St. Joseph’s excels at giving their patients these most precious gifts. So on behalf of my family and our beautiful loving Mother, we thank you so very much.

I am writing to thank your wonderful staff for the care they delivered to my uncle. Everyone including Susan, from social service, the staff on Maria 1 including Barbara, Helen, Jean and the aides, were kind and compassionate.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the staff; you should be very proud.