Excellence Based on Evidence

St. Joseph Manor Health Care sets the standard for clinical excellence in rehabilitation. With an overall rating of 5 stars from Medicare.gov, the evidence speaks for itself:

82% of our therapy patients are discharged to home
with an average length of stay of 26 days.

Standard of Care National Average St. Joseph Manor
30-day Hospital Readmission Rate 20% 5.4%
Falls 12% 8.1%
Pressure Ulcers 2% 1.18%
Weight Loss 10% 2.52%
Antipsychotic Medication 15% 0.55%


Our Customer Satisfaction Scores reinforce why patients continue to choose St. Joseph Manor for their rehabilitation needs:

  • 95% of rehab patients are satisfied with the care they received AND
  • 95% of our patients would recommend us to others

We know the professional, experienced staff at St. Joseph Manor is the key to our success:

“Our skilled staff strives to meet the individual needs of the whole person (body, mind and spirit) from the time of admission through discharge.” – Jessica, Director of Nursing

“We are always seeking ways to increase our competency in all areas of resident care. We continually compare ourselves to national benchmark standards.” – Chris, Administrator

Functional Outcomes Measures – PT/OT

Quality Outcomes

Functional Scores

7.0 – Complete Independent – No assist, no equipment
6.0 – Modified Independent – No Assist, but equipment or extra time
5.0 – SBA – No physical assist other than set-up; supervision for safety/technique; and/or single cue to initiate
4.5 – CGA – Contact Guard Assist
4.0 – Min – Occasional assist (25% or less time or effort to complete)
3.5 – MinM – Min-Mod – Periodic assist (25-40% of the time or effort involved to complete task)
3.0 – Mod – Frequent assist (40-50% of the time or effort involved to complete task
2.5 – MdM – Mod-Max – Extensive assist (50-75% of the time or effort involved to complete task
2.0 – Max – Constant assist (75-90% of the time or effort involved to complete task
1.7 – NTD – Near total dependence: Total assist w/only partial task completion
1.0 – CD – Complete Dependence: No contribution from pt; task done by others or not assessed
0 – NA Not Addressed – Will not be addressed during the course of care

To learn more about rehab at St. Joseph Manor for yourself or for a loved one, please call us at 508.583.5834